Genetic Testing

How Genetic Testing Can Improve Your Health

Genetic testing has moved into the mainstream and is now the future of preventive health. In addition to the thousands of tests being offered for medical conditions and diseases, the science and research behind genetic testing for lifestyle and wellness improvement has progressed dramatically.

The science can now help identify the specific genes that dictate how the human body processes carbohydrates, fats, proteins and micro-nutrients; how types of exercise affect the body; how lifestyle behaviors influence the aging process; and how unique metabolic and physiologic functions influence athletic performance.

Programs tailored to an individual’s DNA have proven to be much more effective than one-size-fits-all programs because they take the guesswork out of health management.

How it Works

  1. Order

    Order the genetic DNA testing product, that aligns with your goals.

  2. Receive your Genetic testing DNA kit.

    Come to our office to pick up your DNA kit or receive it in the mail within 1 week.

  3. Provide a saliva DNA sample
  4. Ship your sample

    Ship your saliva sample for testing.

  5. Wait

    After we receive your sample, your DNA sample will be analyzed and your genotype will be identified. Your individualized DNA report will be ready within 2-3 weeks. You will be notified when your test results are ready.

  6. Healthcare provider recommendations

    Set up your office appointment to see our healthcare provider to discuss your DNA results and wellness goals. We will refine your nutrition plan, develop fitness strategies, and sharpen your focus on specific health goals. A personalized plan will be tailored to your unique genetic profile, your lifestyle, where you currently are on your health and fitness journey, and where you would like to be moving forward. Our provider will make sure your journey is efficient and successful.

After your provider visit, we will set you up with an online certified coach to guide and support you through your lifestyle journey.

H2 Slim

Lose the guesswork and the weight

Examine your unique genetic makeup to help you understand how your genes dictate how your body ages.

  • 45 genetic markers tested, 16 traits scored
  • Food, nutrient and exercise recommendations
View Sample Report

H2 Rejuenate

Slow Down the Sands of Time

Examine your unique genetic makeup to help you understand how your genes dictate how your body ages.

  • 94 genetic markers tested, 28 traits scored
  • Nutrition, exercise and lifestyle recommendations to look and feel better, longer
View Sample Report


Analyze your response to CBD

Discover how your body metabolizes CBD and how to achieve better sleep, less stress, and more.

  • 35 genetic markers tested, 8 traits scored
  • Recommendations for sleep, pain tolerance, anxiety/stress, alcohol sensitivity and more
View Sample Report

H2 Fit

Work smarter and harder!

Specific recommendations to assist you in your diet and training regimens to help you reach peak athletic performance.

  • 89 genetic markers tested, 15 traits scored
  • Mental/physical foundation, training response, fuel utilization and recovery recommendations
View Sample Report

H2 Nutrition

Take the Next Step in Personalized Nutrition

Provides valuable insight into how your body processes and utilizes key vitamins and nutrients.

  • 42 genetic markers tested, 15 traits scored
  • Food recommendations and success strategies for maintaining healthy nutrient levels
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H2 Peak Performance

Discover your Cohesive Genetic Blueprint

H2 Peak Performance incorporates all four genetic tests. You will receive optimal strategies for weight management, exercise, lifestyle, performance, healthy aging and nutrition.

  • 270 genetic markers tested
  • Optimize your overall health and fitness strategies at a significant discount

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Healthy Habits genetic testing work?

Our testing is done through a noninvasive, easy to use swab to collect cells from the mouth. It only takes about a minute to collect enough DNA for analysis. The swab is then mailed directly to the lab for analysis.

What genes are analyzed?

The lab analyzes approximately 300 unique genetic markers. These genes have been shown to be related to how the human body processes food/nutrients, exercise, and how the body responds to aging.

When will I get my results?

The entire process (swab kit shipping, DNA extraction/analysis, inspection, reporting) is about 20-25 business days. You will be notified when your report is ready.

Do you test for any serious genetic diseases?

No. Healthy Habits genetic testing focuses solely on the genes that are related to the body’s ability to process food, nutrients and exercise.

What happens to my sample?

Your DNA sample will be destroyed by the lab within 45 days of analysis.

How is my personal information kept secure?

Our systems are run on HIPAA-compliant servers, with secure firewalls and encrypted backups to prevent unauthorized access to your information.

Does insurance cover genetic testing?

Most insurance companies do not yet pay for genetic tests related to health management programs such as Healthy Habits.

Can my employer or insurance company request/obtain my results?

No. Your privacy is protected by the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA), which was instituted in the United States in May 2008. You are also not required to disclose genetic information to an employer or insurer. Healthy Habits does not respond to any request for test results from an insurer, employer or any other entity.

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